Ggrowing up as a little girl, my parents used to spend each summer with us, the children,  in their summerhouse in the beautiful region of the Dordogne, France. My mum, little sister and I would spend hours browsing through the local brocantes and garage sales. This is how I learned how to spot the fine stuff that was still abundantly available in those days.

My mother made it a tradition to buy one serious piece of antique for the house each summer,  while I busied myself with the small stuff, dragging one little treasure after another to my mum for approval. Looking at the images below, I am travelling back in time, but today I’m still fond of the Vintage style.










  • VINTAGE LEATHERI would like to share with you one of my favourite things that in my opinion adds a lot of character to any space: vintage leather. And with this I do not mean those shiny, black and chrome "yuppie-style" pieces that one would easily find in many bachelor pads (absolutely…
  • SUMMER SWIMMINGPOOLhen I think of summer, the first thing that springs to my mind  is a swimmingpool. In particular, I remember the swimmingpool at our home in South Africa. Located in the courtyard of the house, it was only a few steps from my warm bed to the cool, refreshing poolwater.…
  • BEDSIDE TABLES: WHAT'S NEXT TO YOUR BED?am sharing some bedside tables inspiration today. And I am not talking about those traditional nightstands, the mini-cabinets with 2 or 3 drawers. Although practical (you can hide lots of stuff in those drawers) they are not exactly original, are they? Think out of the box and put something different…