Ccerulean blue is a muted color, ranging roughly between blue, cyan and green. Cerulean stems from the Latin word “caeruleus” which means heaven or sky. In the artworld, the pigments for this beautiful color were only developed in the 1860’s. Impressionist painters like Claude Monet or Eduard Manet started using this color a lot in their paintings for skies.

Blue is known to be a calming color, therefore it is used a lot in bedrooms. Cerulean Blue was picked by Pantone in 1999 as the Color of the Millenium. Well, to me, it’s the Color of the Month.

Ccerulean blue is een iets matte kleur, met schakeringen van blauw, turqoise tot groen. Cerulean komt van het Latijnse woord “caeruleus”, wat hemel of lucht betekent. In de kunstwereld werd het pigment voor deze prachige kleur pas ontwikkeld rond 1860. Impressionistische schilders, zoals Claude Monet of Eduard Manet gingen deze kleur veel gebruiken in hun werk, bijvoorbeeld voor lucht of water.

De kleur blauw staat bekend om zijn kalmerende werking, daarom wordt het ook veel voor slaapkamers gebruikt. Cerulean Blue werd in 1999 door Pantone gekozen als “Kleur van het Millenium”. Voor mij is het de Kleur van de Maand.

Boating by Eduard Manet, 1874, where Cerulean Blue was used for the water – via Artsy

Arrival of the Normany Train, Gare St Lazare by Claude Monet, 1877 – via Artsy

Cerulean Blue by VKV Visuals

A maxi sofa in cerulean velvet with an interesting artwork on the wall – via Flickr

White canopy bed in a cerulean blue room, notice the velvet stools

These cerulean blue walls match perfectly with the dark herringbone floor – via ArchDeco

The Tholix Marais A chairs, galvanized steel painted a cerulean blue – via photographer Kristofer Johnsson

The Maree sofa by furniture company Brabbu in a beautiful velvet cerulean

Cerulean Blue by VKV Visuals

Ralph Lauren blues, he calls them Andover Blue-Bleu Ash top and Andover Bleu-Westport Blue bottom, I call it cerulean – via Architectural Digest

Knitted pillowcovers in this hanging chair – via InteriorJunkie

Great masculine, contemporary design in cerulean blue – via Hepburn Interiors

Dark cerulean, the Portobello design on Pitch dry silk by De Gournay wallcoverings

Cerulean Blue by VKV Visuals

Cerulian tadelakt (I think) on the walls and the newly launched chandelier by Egg Design – via Elle Decoration

Cerulean blue walls in this ecclectic bathroom – via art director Johan Svenson

Cerulean blue walls – via InteriorJunkie

Cerulean blue vignette – via Vogue Living

Cerulean blue throw pillows, matching the gorgeous painting, in designer Benjamin Dhong‘s house – via Sukio

Bedroom designed by Miles Redd with cerulean wall covering by De Gournay – via Elle Decor

Cerulean Blue by VKV Visuals

Kirsten Dunst in Oscar de la Renta‘s cerulean blue, he sadly died two weeks ago at age 82 – remember the famous discussion on Cerulean Blue in the movie The Devil Wears Prada? Here’s the link – via Vogue

Cerulean Blue


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