Ii am starting a new Category today: Cool Places. Every so often stories of new restaurants or clubs enter my mailbox. This was the case again today, and I just have to share this Milan restaurant with you: Carlo e Camilla Restaurant. It’s like few other restaurants you have ever seen. Located in an abandoned 1930’s Milan sawmill, it is owned and re-designed by art-director Tanja Solci.

Cathedral ceilings and rough-hewn industrial walls surround vintage chandeliers and a huge communal table surrounded by Cappelini chairs, seating 70 guests.

Behind the stove is Michelin-starred celebrity chef Carlo Cracco (of Ristorante Cracco fame) and his team. He serves his traditional Italian recipees with a contemporary twist on vintage porcelain and ornate tablewares. There’s also an innovative “mixologist” dishing up impeccable mixed cocktails in artisanal stemware.

I’m sure that Carlo e Camilla Restaurant will be packed during the Milan Fashion Week or the Salone di Mobile, or any other day. So make your reservation in time! For details click here.

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

Soaring heights, lots of concrete and ornamental chandeliers

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

The bar where all the cocktail magic is happening

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

Blue Cappelini dining chairs along the huge communal table

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

Detail of the mixed vintage porcelain on which the food is served

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

Impression of the candle-lit restaurant by night

Carlo e Camilla Restaurant

The team from left to right: Chef Carlo Cracco, Art-Director and owner Tanja Solci and Manager Nicola Fanti


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