September 2015

3 articles in September 2015
Brass Decor

Bbrass decor is the logical follow-up on yesterday’s post about the Color of the Month: Aubergine. As I already mentioned there, the combination brass or gold and aubergine is just great. The color and the material both have a “royal” vibe, adding instant class to your Autumn interior.

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Aubergine Interiors

Aaubergine interiors feel just right for this time of year. Summer is definitely over and we find ourselves in the middle of the Indian Summer (did you know this name comes from the fact that in the olden days this was the time when the native Indians reaped in their harvest?).

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Lee Broom

Lee Broom is one designer that cannot be omitted from my Designer Star list (although still short, but soon to be expanded). He is one of the UK’s leading product and interior-designers. Cool and glamorous, his designs are considered to be to furniture what Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford are to fashion. In fact, Broom has a background in fashion, with a degree in fashion design from Central St Martin college in London.

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