Ultra Violet has been chosen as the Color of the Year 2018 by Pantone. And since this is my first post in 2018, I thought it a fitting subject. If you ask me Ultra Violet is a bit of a déja-vu. I have already written some posts about Violet and Aubergine (same color family) here and here.

And I wonder how often we will see Ultra Violet in interiors next year. It is such a tough color to implement due to its brightness and dominance. Softer, paler tones in this color family are so much more accessible, non-assuming and easier to work with.


Ultra Violet, with its intense jewel-like color-intensity like amethyst, is best combined with other intense jewel-like colors such as a strong agate teal or bright sapphire blues or emerald greens. Use this color for rich materials such as deep velvets or lush silks. It will create dramatic, gloomy and mysterious interiors. But do add some reflective items such as mirrors, glass chandeliers and bronze decor to lighten up the deep color tones.


To be honest, I had my doubts about Ultra Violet initially. But after some searching on the net, I found some gorgeous examples of how to suitably use this color. However, I do think that Blush Pink is a strong contender too.  I have seen a lot of blush pinks on Insta and all the blogs I follow in the last few months. Not long ago I even wrote a post about it myself, which you can read here. I wouldn’t be surprised if thát is going to be the color of the year for 2018 instead of Ultra Violet. I’m afraid that the trendwatchers at Pantone might just be a bit off this time, but time will tell.

Would love to hear what your color-prediction is for 2018, will it  be Ultra Violet, Blush Pink of something complete different?

Beautiful eye-catching lilac sofa in a NY apartment owned by a Danish couple and their two children – via Automatism

Ultra Violet

Old walls painted violet – via Pinterest

Love this color combination – via LushHome

Dark and mysterious – via EthnicChic

Ultra Violet as seen in nature in this blooming Wisteria – via Erika Toombs

via Dear Designer

Ultra Violot walls with dark teal panneling, love it – via Sabi Arifi

Ultra Violet

Beautiful old chalk-painted wall – via LunchLatte

Violet walls and emerald green ceiling – via MarthaMoments

Ultra Violet

via Deco Cool

Ultra Violet the Islamic way – via ThatBohemianGirl

Lots of jewel-like colors combined – via AnnyAnd

Tea-party table decor – via Kamer465

Stunning garden room with a great use of the new color of the year – via Marie Claire Italia

My Secret Garden – via HueAndEye

Antique wall panneling – via PlumSiena

Al-fresco dining  – via My Sweet Savannah

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