Ii know, January is depressing enough as it is, no more X-mas celebrations to plan or NYE parties to look forward to. But hey, look on the bright side, there is a whole new year ahead of you, full of new opportunities, I’m ready to go! And to recuperate from all the December-festivities, full of noise and color, I thought you would appreciate  some peace and quite now.

And I think that the color grey epitomizes exactly that, so here is my view on the color grey: I love how moody it can be, and how it reflects the light. And isn’t it peculiar how grey can be such a warm, cosy color?

Ace Hotel

Moodboard Grey

Modern Grey Bedroom

Grey Walls

Grey Table

Grey Pillows

Grey Pillows (2)

Grey Livingroom

Grey Capiton

Grey Bed

Cottage Style Grey

Classic Grey Livingroom

Classic Grey Bedroom



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